looking through the viewfinder of a film camera to use the autofocus feature

How to use your vintage film camera's autofocus

Have you gotten your film developed and some of your pictures are not in focus?

It might be because you are not correctly using your film camera's autofocus function. In this guide, we will run through the basics on how to use your film camera's autofocus.

This guide only applies to cameras with the autofocus function. It is not applicable if you have a camera with a fixed focus lens.

To use the autofocus feature, aim your camera at your target and half-press the shutter button. While holding down the half-press, a small light should appear around your camera's viewfinder to signal that the camera is focussed and ready to take the photo. You can then fully press down the shutter button to take the photo. That's all there is to it!

Follow our video guide to see how to use the autofocus feature!



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